Monday, November 9, 2009


Welcome to Cheep Eats & Sweets! I'm Sarah, the writer/designer/photographer/cook/creative mind/busy mom behind this yummy food blog. I wanted to start this blog because a) I adore food blogs, b) I love to cook and have the fab camera to prove it and c) I wanted to show other moms some great, quick meals to cook on a budget.

And I am. On a budget, that is. Occasionally I might throw in a "splurge" meal here or there, but the majority of my meals feed a family of 4.5+ for less than $10 and mainly using typical pantry items. No fancy shmancy gourmet cookin' here, just plain good food. And bonus, I'll include a 4x6 recipe card for each recipe to add to your own recipe box.

So to kick it off, I'll start with a recipe I just loved as a kid. It's called Poppyseed Chicken. I think my mom asked for the recipe after eating dinner at a family friends' house. I'm sure she regretted it once us kids requested it over and over and over... and over. It's delish, and easy enough to prep in the morning and pop in the oven at night. Or if you have a super busy day ahead, prep the night before!
Poppyseed Chicken
2 c. cooked chicken, cubed (use leftover chicken, grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken, whatever you have on hand!)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 c. sour cream OR 1/2 c. sour cream and 1/2 c. milk
Ritz cracker crumbs (about 1 sleeve)
1 T. poppyseeds
1 T. butter, melted
1 lb. egg noodles

Cook the egg noodles and drain the water. Mix the sour cream and cream of chicken. Stir in the chicken. Pour egg noodles into 9x13 casserole pan. Pour on chicken mixture. Top with cracker crumbs and pour melted butter over crackers. Sprinkle poppyseeds. Cook in a 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes.

Here's your recipe card!

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