Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nice Cream Pie

I made this ice cream pie for my husband's family a couple of weeks ago. Despite its simplicity, they raved about it, so I decided to make it again when my stepkids were around so they could enjoy it too. I don't remember why, but on that day we were all just snippy with one another. No major fighting or anything, but the kids kept getting annoyed with each other, Gary and I kept getting annoyed with each other, and we kept getting annoyed with the kids. All around, everyone was annoyed.

I had whipped this simple dessert up the day before and was prepared to serve it that night. Before I served it though, I told everyone who wanted a piece that they must say something nice about everyone at the table. Josh went first, and, thinking hard, came up with something nice to say about everyone. Then around the table we went, including little Sophia. So this dessert was dubbed Nice Cream Pie by our family, and I think it's a tradition we'll stick with. When I make this pie, you better have nice things to say if you want a piece! (Oh, and it was amazing what a transformation our family went through... the snippiness ended and everyone was happy and laughing by the end of dessert. And I'm sure the sugar rush had nothing to do with that!)

I'm actually a little embarrassed to post this recipe because it's so simple! But somehow the magical combination transforms into a lovely, amazing little dessert! The recipe is at the bottom of the post, but to start you're going to need about 2/3 a package of Oreos. This will give you plenty to snack on while you work. That's essential! Throw them into your food processor.
Note: my processor is really really small, so it's likely that your Oreos will not come to the top like mine do!
Okay, process and pulse and whatever else ya gotta do until it looks like this:
Mmm, crumbly Oreo goodness. Keep the kids out of the kitchen for this recipe.
Actually, this is a simple recipe that kids could definitely help with! But then they'd watch you sneaking all those Oreos, and they'd want in on the action.
Melt about 3 tablespoons of butter in the microwave and pour it into your processor as you pulse. Or just dump it in and pulse after, should you have a baby on your hip. It doesn't matter!
Now you're going to want to press those crumbs into a pie pan.
Not gonna lie, it gets messy. So before you pour them into the pan, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper (or something). This way you'll be able to save those crumbs for later.
Okay, now you can press the crumbs down.
Now your pie crust is made.
You got your ice cream out to melt right? What? I didn't mention that? Okay, hurry and get it out and wait till it's all melty. If it's still sealed let it sit in the sun for a few minutes, that'll soften the sucker up.
Now when it's nice and melty--but not soupy--glob it into your pie crust. Smooth it around till it looks pretty. You only need about 3/4 of a 1.5 qt. of ice cream.

Can we talk ice cream for a minute? (I have personally never said "no" to that question.) I used a Breyer's All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. But only because it was on sale. In truth, it was delicious, but you could use any mint ice cream you want. Oh, you think mint ice cream tastes like toothpaste? (You know who you are.) Then try something else! The next time I'm making this pie, I'm going to try a chocolate flavor, maybe with cookie crumbles. Cookie dough would be fab, and Oreo ice cream is an obvious choice. Homemade ice cream of any flavor would be divine. Customize this pie so your family will say nice things to get a slice!

Okay, back to directions. I like to freeze the pie at this step. A few hours, or overnight, until it's nice and firm will be good. Now you're going to need light whipped cream in the can. Well, I suppose it doesn't have to be light. Or from a can. Technically, it could even be Cool Whip. To be perfectly honest, Gary and I have been addicted to light whipped cream in the can ever since I made this the first time. We're to the point we're just buying it to eat it plain! I do like it in the can though because it's easier to get fancy with the can than Cool Whip. Once your pie is frozen, decorate with whipped cream and some of those leftover Oreo crumbs. Freeze until the whipped cream is firm (optional). You may want to let it soften 10 minutes before you serve it. And don't forget: say nice things before you indulge!

Nice Cream Pie
2/3 pkg. Oreos
3 T. butter, melted
4-5 c. ice cream, very soft
whipped cream in a can

Crush Oreos in a food processor. Pulse in melted butter and press Oreos into pie pan. Save extra crumbs.
Spread ice cream in pie pan, freeze 4 hours or overnight.
Decorate with whipped cream and extra Oreo crumbs.

Here's your recipe card. Click on card to enlarge, then right click to save. This will print as a 4x6 recipe card.

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