Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pizza On the Grill

Ugh. I'm so mad. I posted this big long lovely post about my Summer on the Grill 2010 adventure, and I clicked something and poof. It was gone. I was almost done! If you have a little baby, you know how hard it is to get even a few minutes to do something the first time. Time to repeat it? Very unrealistic.

So here's the summary, sorry you missed the original post!
Summer on the Grill: turning off my oven and kicking up the grill/crock pot/stove top (mostly grill) to save cooling costs this summer.
Pizza on the grill: a delicious concept that you must try. ASAP. In fact, forget reading this post. Just go make pizza on the grill, okay? Wait. First go to Kitchen Project to find out how to make pizza on the grill. FYI, I made it on a gas grill. Next time, totally trying charcoal. Can't wait.
Pictures of our un-gourmet Pizza on the Grill:

Here's your recipe card!
On a PC: Click on the image to enlarge, and right-click to save. Sized to 4x6 inches.

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