Monday, February 14, 2011

Creamy Poppyseed Chicken

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you have someone you love to cuddle up with and share this special day with you, even if it's just your snuggly little children. If you don't, I hope you enjoy your Single's Awareness Day, and just think how the rest of us fondly remember the days we could walk into Walmart without saying "no" 458 times and at least one potty trip. Ah, blessings.

My post today doesn't really have much to do with Valentine's Day, but Slacker Mom's relax, you can check out yesterday's post for a super quick Valentine's treat. Today's post is a simple, filling dinner you can toss in the crock pot in the morning and finish up in minutes in the evening. 

Don't you love crock pots? Crock Pot Company, please sponsor this blog. I will write each and everyday about my love for Crock Pots. For real.

This is a true dump recipe. In fact, I didn't even defrost the chicken first, just zapped it in the microwave for a few minutes so I could break them apart. Not sure on the safety issues for that, so I'm not totally recommending it. I'm just saying. In case you're like me and nevereverevereverever remember to defrost stuff before you need it. (Which reminds me, do I need to defrost something for dinner tonight? No, I'm good.)

I just re-read this post and thought I wrote that it's a "true dumB recipe," but rest assured, this is a recipe where you dumP the ingredients in and not worry about it. Because of the nature of the recipe, I didn't bother taking step by step photos. In fact, next time I probably won't even measure anything. Just throw it in the crock pot and turn it on. As long as you remember to turn your crock pot on, you will be fine and your kids will be telling you it's their new favorite meal and can you please make this for their birthday? 

Idea: puree some cauliflower or other light veggie your super picky kids won't eat, and toss it in the crock pot too. They won't notice!
Another idea: If you're a dutch oven expert, this would be amazing in the dutch oven. You could even add potatoes instead of egg noodles. I'm not an expert at dutch oven though so I can't tell you cooking time or number of briquettes or whatnot. So don't ask. :)

Creamy Poppyseed Chicken
2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup
1-2 lb. chicken breast (you can cube it now if you'd like)
1 t. salt
1 t. garlic powder
1 t. black pepper
1 T. poppy seeds
1/4 c. milk
1/2-1 c. sour cream (use as much as you won't feel guilty about, and feel free to use light)
3-4 c. egg noodles

Add all ingredients but egg noodles into the crock pot. Cook on low for 8 hours, or high for 4-6 hours until chicken is cooked through. About 2 hours until the end of cook time, open crock pot and quickly shred chicken. It will easily fall apart. Cook egg noodles about 20 minutes before cook time is up, and serve chicken over egg noodles. Add more poppy seeds to garnish, if desired. 

Here's your recipe card. Click on the card to enlarge, and right click to save. Print as a 4x6 recipe card. Enjoy! 
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